While there are many people who have nothing else to do than criticising the way I work, there are people who still come to me and ask what’s next! I just can’t make myself work on the same thing for a long time. I need new things.
So, when people say why you are even working on 5 blogs at same time, I am usually thinking of when I should start another blog. Come on! There are so many topics that I haven’t covered on my so-called multi-niche blog Finix Post. There are so many things which I want to research about and share. Today, I thought of sharing a few ideas I would want to work upon.
  1. Supernatural Blog: People say educated people must not believe in paranormal activities. One must not be superstitious. I am. I believe in every ghost story. I believe that the other world exists and maybe there are demons that are surrounding us and people like Dean Winchester are saving us from such troubles. Apart from that, I have always wanted to research more about such paranormal incidents. Also, a large part of such incidents still doesn’t exist on internet. I want to dig it up and share what I find out.
  2. History Blog: When I was in 9th standard, I started researching on the Mughal Dynasty. I did a lot of research and the target was to prepare a kinda encyclopaedia dedicated to Mughal Dynasty. My computer crashed and that work never got printed on a piece of paper. But since then, there is been something in me that is asking me to start reading about history. I would want to have a blog which would just document stuff from history. Different kings and queens, dynasties and so on.
  3. Blog about Gods: Do you know that Nike is a name of a god? I always get fascinated with the stories of Greek gods. India has such a rich history of gods. Hindu gods and goddesses are hundreds in number and I would want to research about them and share their stories.
  4. Information Technology Notes: engineering wasn’t so good for me. The university changed most of the syllabus and we ended up spending hours on internet trying to look for the right material that could be written on the exam paper. And it did waste a lot of my time. I could have spent that time working on some other good blog or actually practicing what I study. Moreover, I strongly feel the need of detailed but to-the-point notes of various subjects. I studied Information Technology, so I wanted to document my notes.
  5. Women’s Issues Blog: Of course, there is this great magazine Women’s Health that talks of a number of issues related to women but I want to cover this topic from my perspective. Indian women need a lot more attention. Health issues, relationship issues, work issues – all of it could have been discussed in such a blog.
  6. Healthy Living Blog: This is one of the most popular niches in blogging but I don’t think people tap it in that good way. I haven’t come across much Indians who talk of this niche in their blogs. It would have been a great piece of work if I could work on that.

These are the 6 ideas which often pinch me. I so want to work on them but due to time constraints, I have to sideline them. I hope I could take them up and work on them in future.

P.S. I uploaded my new YouTube Vlog. You might not like it :P But still, here I am gonna embed the video.

Since the time I started posting regularly on this blog, I have been showered with questions like “Why the pictures don’t relate to your blog posts?” “Are they just for showing off your photography skills or what?” and so on...
So, I thought why not answer this frequently asked question in today’s blog post. See, it all depends upon the way you are asking the question. If you have asked this question with a mindset that the pictures that I post along with the blog post must be related to it, then of course they’re related. How?  Come on! How can you ask this question? I am a writer and I have this unique way of relating things. And I must warn you not to ask me to show off this skill I have had since the time I learnt communicating through language. I can come with the weirdest explanation to why two particular things are related.
If you have a different mindset than the one mentioned above, I must tell you they are not related at all. I have this huge folder which is filled with thousands of pictures of mine which have never been used on internet. So, I pick up one good picture randomly and post it with a blog post. Why? Why don’t I use some related image? Well, that would need me either to go for a special shooting session or use stock images.
One thing I have learned in my blogging career is that your blog would never be unique enough if you use stock images. It is always better if you use your own images/ images clicked by yourself/ original images on your blog. Following this, I try to use my own images on my personal blog. I can’t go for a special shooting session because it won’t be feasible because of my time commitments on my other projects. Moreover, the write-ups on PerCepTion come out of me randomly (yes, this is literally what I want to say).
So, images aren’t related but yep... they are original and I like it that way.  I don’t just feel the need of making them related to the write-up. I just feel like adding a picture to each write-up because that goes by the look of my blog and it feels good to have one. It’s that simple!

I hope I have given a good explanation for the answer. If I missed something, feel free to ask and I must say I loved writing this FAQ. And I would want to do it more often. Any more questions you want me to answer on my blog?

As she stepped inside the steel door etched with glass, she found herself confused and nervous. It was nothing unusual. This place always did this magic trick of shooing away all her confidence. She felt uneducated and under confident. Knowing all this, she kept walking inside. She could feel the stares and cold air in the place. Nothing was new. She had been to this place a number of times and it was always the same.
She could see the confused faces with their eyes wandering here and there yelling for some help. She could see footsteps running here and there in hurry. Why is everyone so busy these days? She could see people on other side of the desks, always looking frustrated. Why did they always behave like they were working for free?
Though she was known to the atmosphere of this place, she never figured out which counter was meant for which work. She could never find out the reception. So, she did what everyone does. She walked to the nearest counter and asked, “Sir, I need to open a current bank account. Would you please tell me the procedure?”
Before she got herself ready to listen to the answer, she heard two voices almost shouting at her, “What do you need a current bank account for?” She felt as if she had asked for a formula to develop a nuclear bomb. But she had prepared for this. She said, I am self employed and I need a current account. She knew this wasn’t a sufficient answer from the look she got from the two angry faces. She felt sorry to have disturbed them but the harm was already done. Now, she needed to answer. And she explained how she works from home and earns money and to make it count as her work experience, she needs a current account.
Yes, that wasn’t really a good explanation but that’s all she knew. She didn’t have much idea about it either. Only thing she knew was she needed that account as early as possible. But those two bank employees were too furious over this. “Mam, you cannot get a current account unless you get a company registered in your name. Go to the Municipal Committee Department and get a firm/company registered first.” Their voice made it pretty clear that they didn’t want her in the bank premises.
After a few moments of trying to convince them that it was possible to get an individual current account, she gave up. She thought those bank employees would obviously have more knowledge about bank procedures than her. After all, she never studied accounts in her engineering degree or even during school time. She decided to take a long breath and call someone up to take some more advice about that. But mobile phones don’t really help when you’re in need. Do they?
After a couple of failed calls, she gathered up her courage and went back and said, you just give me the form for opening a current account. If those bank employees would have had guns then, they would have probably shot her. That’s what she felt like when she looked into their eyes. She always thought bank people have targets to match and they need to open new accounts. So, they should rather assist her in the procedure. But here, they were just asking her to get lost.
When she found it difficult to fight back, her eyes wandered towards the cabin of the bank manager. Her inner voice yelled that she needed to talk to the manager. And what came out was, “Can you let me talk to some other bank official, please?” That team of swat cats got the vibe and they said you can talk to the lady at the back. Then she went to that lady and asked her that she wanted to open a current account. The lady quickly said it was possible and gave her the form and told her the procedure. The task was done.
If she had not thought of consulting some other person or let’s say, if she had believed those two bank employees, she would have never got the work done. We usually go to such places considering that at least bank employees would know the procedures of their bank but that is seldom true in the country like India. These people are given minute tasks to do in banks and they are so ignorant that they don’t even try to know more just for the sake of general knowledge. But when someone asks them for assistance, they turn into the next genius born in the world. They behave like they know everything and can never be wrong.

And I am always left wondering, what’s the problem in accepting that there are some things you don’t know about? If you never bothered your potato shaped brain filled with grass to work and look for more information regarding the work you do, why can’t you just accept that? What’s the problem in accepting the defeat if you prepared for nothing but getting defeated? 

Did I tell you that I have been watching a lot of movies these days? I wasn’t really a fan of movies before but then I learnt of how movies can help me in my artistic ventures. After all, making movies is an art that needs high expertise. You can’t make a movie just like that. Of course, you can. Bollywood does that all the time. But to make a good movie, you need to put in efforts – a lot of efforts.
Yesterday night, as I was trying to stay awake till late night, I started watching The Avengers. This is a superhero film that has the best of superheroes in lead role – Iron Man (Robert Downey), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawk Eye (Jeremy Renner) and Loki (tom Hiddleston).
The latter one is the bad guy of the story who is seeking for vengeance against his brother Thor. To work on his evil plan, he steals an extremely powerful device that would open the gates of other world to Earth and call on the war. The superheroes get together to fight the villain.
If you’re wondering what I would say for the latter part of this article i.e. What makes me love Hollywood Movies... Read on!
I have grown up watching Bollywood movies (Hindi Language) which are often created from commercial point of view. At least the ones I used to see were of that nature. Such stories, the most successful ones in the Bollywood Box Office, are usually yuck! Seriously, there’s no proper script writing, no attention paid on detailing and no hard work done on filming a perfect flawless scene. It is very common to expect change of bike the hero is riding on in the climax scene and so on. No one cares.

But, in the Hollywood movies like The Avengers, a lot of work is done on the script, screenplay and special effects. Each detail is considered important. For example, in a scene the Iron Man points out a guy who was playing a game on his office computer. Once the scene ends, the focus goes back on the same guy who starts playing the game again. That small part of the movie shows how fine the script was written and such parts add extra punches to the script.
The most hilarious scene of the movie is of course when Loki points out to Hulk that he is a god and Hulk was nothing but a human turned monster, Hulk pulls him by his legs and beat him up. Badly. When hulk moves out... Loki is shown squeaking like a puppy. It is so funny. I loved it and I know everyone who watches movies with great attention loves such minute but awesome parts of the movie.
Such things are often ignored in Bollywood movies for the director focuses more on what dress heroine is wearing instead of what she is supposed to do in the scene.
So, in the end, I would say The Avengers is a really good movie. Did I really need to mention that ?
My Ratings: 4/5

Is it with only me or does everyone go through a phase like this? Sometimes you feel so low that you don’t feel like talking to anyone. You don’t even feel like doing what you love. Even when you have a plan of what you want to do with your life, you feel like your life is going on in a haphazard manner. Even when you are doing all the right things, you feel like everything you're doing is wrong.
Is it only with me? Once in a while, your mind is bound to wander... you would start thinking of possibilities that were never the part of the picture. You would start thinking of doing things which you had never wanted to do. You would start working on dreams you never had.
What to do at such times? Where should one search for an answer? What to look for at those moments of darkness? Where would the light come from?
Is the support of your loved ones capable enough to get you out of that period? Is the smile on your soulmate’s face powerful enough to wipe away your tears? Is the seemingly lost self-confidence is capable enough to regain strength and make a comeback?
Let me tell you one thing... at such a time, no one can help you out. Even the almighty wouldn’t be able to reach out for you and get you out of that sorrow of feeling useless and living a worthless life. Those moments are made for you... they require you to stand up and fight back!
You can’t just go on and hope for someone to figure out the answer and feed it to you. You can’t just expect some angel to solve your troubles in just a click and leave you with a mind at peace. You need to fight, struggle and come out as a new being. You need to make the move and be strong.
You need to understand that what’s in your mind can be understood and fixed just by your mind... there’s no psychologist that can aid you. There’s no living being who can help you solve your issues. You need to fix them... NOW! It is good if you do that as soon as possible.
Get up! Fight back... and SOLVE your mental troubles until that awesome smile comes back naturally.  

If you came here expecting that there is going to be some interesting story in this post of mine, you are wrong. The title – How to Train Your Dragon is a movie released in 2010. If you came here expecting to read a review of the movie, you might get disappointed for this is not just the review. This post is about my learning from the movie – How to Train Your Dragon
I have been watching quite lot movies since a couple of days and since those are not the newly released ones, I didn’t feel like reviewing them on my other blog – Finix Post. But then, documenting your experience, learning and sharing are necessary.
The movie is about a teenager named Hiccup who lived in a hypothetical place named as Vikings. The tribe that dwelled in that place was in war with the dragons that used to steal their food and kill their people. All Vikings were known for their bravery and were adept at fighting dragons – except one who also happened to be the son of the chief.
Hiccup was often laughed at for his timid behaviour. People thought he was too weak to fight dragons and that made Hiccup restless and one day he shot a dragon. While none believed that he actually did it, he went on to find that dragon which should have been trapped in the net shot by him. But when he found the dragon and tried to kill him, he found that he just didn’t want to kill.
Soon, he became friends with the dragon and started training him... flying with him. This enhanced his knowledge about usual behaviour of dragons which was highly misinterpreted by the Vikings. Dragons were not the dangerous ones... they just longed for love and got scared and tried to defend themselves when they’re attacked.
Isn’t that how all animals are? Why that is some people manage to keep even the lions as pets and some are protesting to kill all stray dogs for they’re too dangerous? Whenever a stray dog bites a child, does anyone try to figure out why the child got bitten at the first place? Who was actually at fault?
People get hurt all the time. It is amazing that when a human hurts other human, you file a court case and then try to figure out who was at fault but when an animal hurts human, the animal becomes the culprit automatically. Isn’t that hypocritical?
Well, that’s who we are... We are all a hypocrite set of living things. If not, people not have been asking to kill all the strays just because they are “dangerous” to normal people and just because humans have that power.

Vikings had the power to kill dragons... but Hiccup was someone who realized what all went wrong and fixed all of it. I wish someone like that could use his magic wand on this world...

Movie Verdict: It is interesting and fun to watch. The screenplay is really good and you would love watching it. My Ratings: 4/5

Isn't the title confusing? Of course it is. But that is what happens to you when you're working from home. Work from home is always considered an awesome concept but those who really work from home understand what it is really like. Obviously, when it comes to talking about this in front of people who go for an office job, we prefer to boast and feel proud of what we do. The reality is somewhat different though.
You never know when you should wake up, when you should sleep, when you should eat and when you should work. Other things like going out, exercising, watching T.V. - all become a burden. When you work, you feel like chilling out and when you chill out, you feel like working. You don't care of completing work on time for well, you have the entire day to finish off the work.
This awesome feeling ends when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. Your cell phone starts showing that it is the new day and you're left wondering if you should consider it as a new day. You have to let yourself feel that as you are working from home and your clients reside in some other part of the world, they won't notice that you are late at submitting your work. And that's why you decide not to consider it as a new day until you complete your work and go for a 10 hour sleep (oh yes, we do sleep a lot but we never tell that to anyone).
Perks of working from home... you're your own boss. But with perks, there comes a lot of burden. You play with your work ethics, you play with your health and you play with the feelings of your loved ones. They think you're always busy. Why? Because either your work is seriously lagging behind or you're trying to work a little more to earn a few more bucks. Greed is what overpowers you all the time. You want to make yourself work on and on so that you can buy that new camera your favorite YouTuber just bought. And then you expect your loved ones to understand that. 
You don't care of your health and get fat. Then comes the time when you become too fat that the clothes which were loose don't fit you anymore. You start thinking of what went wrong. You think of including exercising in your daily schedule but then a yoga mat seems even costlier than the new DSLR you just bought. So, you never buy the yoga mat because of its "high price" and that acts as your excuse for not exercising.
When you need to go out for any meeting or just to work on something you planned before you actually took up this working from home, you feel sad. You complain and try to shirk off that work. It becomes too difficult to turn on the geyser and step into a hot stress relieving shower which you had always loved. Because that task would lead you to get ready and ultimately, step out of the house which you don't want.
Now, you tell me, does this work from home concept looks as good as it seemed to you before I told you about this? Have you tried the concept by yourself? What did you face? Did you face something like I am facing now? Is there anything that you can suggest to help me out? Let me know.