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Sunday, April 06, 2014

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Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C is an account of life of Siddhartha Tagore who is a musician cum prime minister of India. Just at the time when India is on edge due to an insurgent internal revolt against the Constitution of India and a terrorist threat is looming inside the country, a power rises. And that power is known as Siddhartha Tagore. He is a ‘conflicted genius, music maestro and a prodigal son.’
About The Author
The book Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is the newly published book by Hachette India and is written by Tabrik C. Tabrik C is an author cum political enthusiast which explains why he went for a political fiction. A post-graduate in History from St. Stephens College Delhi, Tabrik was the president of the student’s union during his college days.
Though the book doesn’t say much about the author, no introduction of author at all! But I did my research and found that author is actually quite an interesting person and I would say a daring person as well; for his interests lies in analyzing and predicting the rise and fall of various political personalities.
About The Book
As described earlier, Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister tells the story of Siddhartha Tagore. How a musician studying in Harvard University becomes a politician? How a man who is considered to be the reincarnation of Mozart and Tansen becomes a man to whom entire India looks upon? How he becomes the prime minister and what happens then?
The book starts with a terrorist attack which is a sort of warning to the newly appointed prime minister of India and so, Mr. Tagore gets the message that the war has to begin. And our prime minister is ready for it.
The story revolves between the past of Siddhartha Tagore where he is a carefree young man who goes to Harvard University with memories of his home – Kolkata and his second home – Delhi. There he finds his friend and also the love of his life.
The present of Siddhartha Tagore is the 7 RCR. He is the prime minister but there are many who are ready to snatch that position from him by hook or by crook.
The story is about buried secrets at Harvard University which comes alive once the Prime Minister steps on the 7 Race Course Road.
My views about the book
The story of the book is okay. It’s not really a ‘politics’ kind of story. It’s the story of a normal person Siddhartha Tagore who becomes a Prime Minister.
If I have to find some unique points of the story, there are hardly any. Even if there are, I would tend to ignore them for there is something which occupies me more at this time.
That thing is the narration style of the author. Half of the book is written as first person and half of it is written as third person and this is NOT GOOD.
Being an avid reader I know what kind of narration style is good and this wasn’t. The so called effort of author to experiment with his writing style makes it difficult for the reader to get completely engrossed in the story.
Also, the use of Hindi words in the book is too much. If you cannot express the moment through English words then why are you writing a book in English at first place?
The book is not properly proofread for I could spot the grammatical errors which are really bad. These small things might not matter to other readers but for me, this played a great role in getting me distracted from the book.
I won’t say this book is bad but if I had to recommend this book to anyone, I would simply not do that.

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister needs some more polishing and it feels like the book has been published a little too early. It needs more work.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

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What Kind Of Success You Need?

“When you reach a level so high that no one would even think of defeating you, that’s when you can say you have actually won.”
A tree with its branches too low is always going to face the cruelty of humans. Humans would come and pluck the leaves and fruits if any.
 But once a tree becomes too tall, so tall that a normal human cannot reach it just like that, few men would think of harming that tall giant tree. That tall giant tree becomes out of reach of many.
 Many of us wouldn’t bother ourselves to spend our time in climbing up the tree and pluck that leaf which we would have otherwise done in a couple of seconds if it had been a small tree with branches within our reach.
The same happens with human life. When aspects of your life like your career and relationships are too weak and exposed to other people, there would be hundreds who would come and try to mow down your happiness.
 There can be a bad guy who would become successful in demotivating you and stopping you from getting the promotion which you really deserved. There would be a friend cum foe who would try to bring differences in your relationship with your love.
 But when you rise up above them, when you make yourself so rugged that there is no one strong enough to demotivate you and stop you from getting whatever you want in your life, when you work so hard on your relationships that even God would find it difficult to bring in the ‘differences’, none would try to waste his/her time in trying. Even if someone dares to try, you still have a higher chance of winning.
So when you think of achieving success, decide what kind of success you want, what kind of tree are you going to be?

The one with small and low lying branches which is always exposed to danger or the one with tall stature which makes it so strong that many people consider it out of their reach!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Need For Simplicity

Humans have made their life too difficult for they have indulged themselves into an endless race of doing better (than God knows what) and defeating other people. Competition is everywhere – from getting good marks in exams to even getting to use the loo first than your roommate, from getting a well paying job to finding a suitable spouse for yourself; there isn’t a single place where you won’t find competition.
Sometimes, I think that there might be a huge line at the heaven’s door where people would be competing with each other for who goes in first. (That might be true!)
But here what I want to talk about isn’t competition. My topic of discussion is simplicity. Then why did I start off while talking about competition? Because this omnipresent thing in human life has given rise to a state called ‘lack of simplicity’.
Due to extreme amount of competition, people are forced to strive for doing better. And this isn’t concerned about only studies and career. Take the example of your clothes- today you’re wearing a simple kurta with no bold prints or gaudy kinda embroidery (in case of girls).
Would you be satisfied? Maybe yes. But after a few days when you would keep on looking at your friends wearing branded or designer clothes, you would also want to wear those kind of clothes or you would start fighting the urge to get carried away by that kind of lifestyle. Won’t this happen to you?
This happens to one and all, even the Indian Idol – Mahatma Gandhi was once carried away by the western lifestyle. Why does that happen? Is it because of competition? Yes.
But the biggest reason is lack of simplicity in the minds and hearts of people. Nowadays, each one of us is so busy in overpowering our fellow beings that we often forget the real desires of ours. We tend to think that what we want is the lifestyle or position the so and so person has but that is not what we actually want.
The human heart actually craves for simplicity. A simple lifestyle where you meet your daily needs (not the ones inspired by someone else’s lifestyle) is our real desire, a  lifestyle where one is more worried and concerned about fulfilling one’s own desires than the ones inflicted upon one by the ‘society’!
What all of us need is simplicity and lack of simplicity is the real reason behind the prolonged unhappiness. We are happy for some time when we’re chilling out with our friends but then when we are alone we start falling into that dark pit of inapprehensible darkness. Why does that happen?
 The reason might be because we fail to understand what we really want. We fail to accept simplicity is our need. What do you think?

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Monday, March 24, 2014

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The Selfish Humans and the 'Selfish' God

It starts drizzling while I step out of my home for a walk.
“Please God, no rain for today. I came for a walk for the first time. I’m getting too fat and I need to lose weight. If it would rain, I would be drenched and would never come for walk again and the reason would be only you. I might also get sick.  Also, you would be the reason for me being fat and when my friends would make fun of me, you would be the reason of my sadness. You can’t let this happen. You can’t be so bad”
The Drizzling stops. I complete my half an hour walk, come back home and get ready for college. As soon as I get out of home and set myself on my way to college, it starts raining. Heavily!
God, how can you be like that? You know I don’t pack spare clothes for situations like these. I also forgot the overcoat. It has become so cold. Moreover, I am on an Activa. I can’t even drive in rain but neither can I stop for I would get late for college. Why does this happen only with me? I know you stopped rain for an hour or so but did you do that deliberately? Now, I am in a bigger trouble. I would surely get sick for I have to spend my entire day in these wet clothes. Couldn’t you wait for an hour or so? Why are you so cruel towards me?”
Every time I meet a situation like this – Rain, extreme sunlight etc, I have this kind of conversation with God. You can call this an argument (my ‘other’ conscience speaks for the God’s side).
While I happened to be in a situation like that once again, I wondered how mean and foolish we act sometimes, in fact most of the times and how selfish we are towards God.
We complain because it started raining just as we stepped out of our house while ignoring the fact that there are billions of other living creatures who pray to the same God and expect him to listen to their prayers.
Don’t we ever feel pity for God? How can he fulfill the desires of each and every living creature? How can he answer to our prayers every time? We all know this is simply impossible. But still, do we ever try to understand the situation God is in?
We do pray and curse God when he doesn’t listen to our prayers while ignoring the fact that our wishes are rarely genuine enough to be fulfilled. 
Doesn’t that make you feel too selfish? It feels like you just care about your own self and maybe the people you like and you want the entire world to be ignored just for your own self. And that is bad! Isn’t it?

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Friday, March 21, 2014

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The Magic Formula for Time Management

All this time when people have asked me about my blog and how I take out time to write so much, I have had only one answer 'I love to write'. 
But this wasn't the real answer I had been quoting till a few days back. In fact, every time I was asked this question about how I manage to do all this and why I do all this, I forced my brain to think of new reasons and wow! I always had different reasons to share.
Time management is no simple task and each one of us knows it very well. And I am sure many of you would be trying to find out some magic formula that could help you out to manage your time efficiently and start doing something new apart from the things you are already doing.
I have been trying to figure out that magic formula since a very long time but had obviously failed. Do you know why?
Often, humans tend to ignore the things they already possess and they keep looking for those kinds of things and keep failing of course. The reason for the failure? They don’t realize that they already possess that thing, that magic formula and all they need to d
o is to recognize it.
The magic formula for time management is also like this. Each one of us already has it and we just need to make ourselves realize that we need to stop looking and start recognizing our powers.
Well, I am writing this post for I have realized that. I have discovered the magic formula. How?
One day when I was too fed up and exhausted with the work I do and was finding it too difficult to manage all this, I thought of asking for help and then I contacted a friend of mine asking him a question -'how do you manage work apart from studies?'
Instead of telling me a story about how he does it (which I usually do when asked about such a thing), he replied back with just one message - "I love doing what I do".
And seriously since that day my life has been much easier. Yes, I am still confused. I am not able to take a proper decision about many things in my life (career related, studies related, blog related) but  now I feel a lot easier while managing stuff for I have just one voice resonating in my heart all the time, "I am doing it because I love it". And THIS is the magic formula.
Now this seems to be so stupid. How your problems which needed proper time management skills and planning got fixed with just one thought? 
However it may sound, but it is as simple as it looks like.. 
I can mange things easily now for I know I am doing what I love. Things which I don't love, I simply don't do those. This is how you manage your time. This is how I manage my time. And this is my Magic Formula..

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Monday, March 17, 2014


The Confused State of Mind

I don't know what to call this state of my mind - (I am certainly not going through writer's block). I have topics in my mind and I want to write and write more and write more and more but still I am not able to do that.
I need to study, for tomorrow I have two exams but I am not even doing that; simply because I don't want to.
There are a couple of incomplete drafts in both of my blogging accounts - here and on Finix Post but I don't think I'm going to complete them so soon.
I thought of picking up a good book to read but guess what! I am out of new books. Really? Not actually. I have three books sleeping in my cupboard waiting for me to pick them up and make them get alive but no, I don't want to do that either.
There's The Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. "It's too big"
There's The Secret of Nagas by Amish Tripathi. "I didn't like the first one that much that I would read the second part so soon"
There's The Art of Selling by Zig Ziglar. "I did pick it up and read a couple of pages"
I have already completed 1 season of The Big Bang Theory and I was just about to complete the season 5 when something in me asked me to plug out that devilish hard disk and get some fresh air.
And after a couple of hours during which I did nothing, I switched on my laptop with no agenda in my mind and started scrolling through different blogs – specifically Indian Blogs. And the first thing I noticed is the ‘consistency’.Isn’t that the biggest flaw in my personality? Am I going through that again? Or is it just that I am burdened with work. There are studies, there are the extra studies, there’s blog work, there’s the freelance work and guess what! I feel like doing neither of them.Why? Why is that happening with me? I tried really hard to figure out the reason and what I came upon with was that – I am probably too confused about my priorities. I am confused about what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. It also may be the case that I want to do each of one the things which I have currently in my mind but I am not able to handle all those things at a time, especially when I have no person to look upon for inspiration or courage.Many people have asked me how I manage doing so many different things at one time. Well, here’s the answer.. Once in a while, I drown into this ‘confused’ state of mind where I feel like doing nothing. I completely screw up my schedule for like one or two days and then get back to work. It might seem absurd but this works for me. This is good enough to get me out of that confused state of mind.Does this mean that every once in a while you need a break where you could be a lazy good for nothing person? Yes, it does.P.S. I know you would again want to kill me for making you read this meaningless post but I had to this, for making myself feel better and replenished. 
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

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How To Be Cyber Safe?

Last minute I got one of the biggest shocks of my life. While I am still trying to recover myself from the shock itself, I felt the urgent need of sharing this thing with all of the people who might still be unaware of this thing. Yes, I know, everyone is not as dumb as I am but there is many times where we skip an important piece of information that can greatly influence our life. One such information is how companies like google and facebook store our personal data.
Do you know that each of the picture and chat conversation you had on google and facebook is actually stored somewhere in a computer of the company itself? All those personal pictures that you might have shared with just one friend are actually accessible by the people of the companies. Yes, they do promise privacy and security, but still, how can you be so sure about that?
Have you ever wondered how the advertisers get your phone numbers and e-mail ids? You don't even remember giving your number to such a party but still, you are getting those irritating and annoying ads. That is because companies like google, facebook keep a record of everything or anything you do through them. In fact, there ain't a single platform on internet which doesn't store your personal information. The part of these information are used for many purposes like advertising. For example, the most widely used search engine and services of google can store data like your web searches, chat conversations, emails, youtube videos, photos and much more. Whether the reason behind all this recording is the national security issues or advertising needs, the truth remains the same - you are being watched every moment you are on the internet.
There is no other solution to protect your privacy than taking precautions. You need to be careful what you share through internet. Even if you have kept the privacy settings of some pictures as 'for personal use', do remember that they would still be stored in the company's computer and they have complete access to that information.
Talking about the shock, while I was surfing the net for all these information, I came across Google Dashboard . In 2009, this service was launched by google to allow the users to control their personal information that is available on internet. As soon as I got to know about this, I just opened the Dashboard, there came the shock. All the pictures, apps I have downloaded, chat conversation I have had, all my profiles and their personal information were available there. And a few of those pictures are many years old. I don't even remember uploading them. What if this information had been accessed by someone else? If a person knows the password of your google account, he can access this information and use this in any way. Now I understand the need of strong passwords.
I would recommend each person to visit the Google Dashboard and check what information about is actually available on internet. Be cyber safe!
P.S. This is actually a repost. The post was originally shared on but since that project isn't live anymore, I thought of sharing this article written by me a few months back over here. I hope you liked reading this and find this of some help. 
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