Is it with only me or does everyone go through a phase like this? Sometimes you feel so low that you don’t feel like talking to anyone. You don’t even feel like doing what you love. Even when you have a plan of what you want to do with your life, you feel like your life is going on in a haphazard manner. Even when you are doing all the right things, you feel like everything you're doing is wrong.
Is it only with me? Once in a while, your mind is bound to wander... you would start thinking of possibilities that were never the part of the picture. You would start thinking of doing things which you had never wanted to do. You would start working on dreams you never had.
What to do at such times? Where should one search for an answer? What to look for at those moments of darkness? Where would the light come from?
Is the support of your loved ones capable enough to get you out of that period? Is the smile on your soulmate’s face powerful enough to wipe away your tears? Is the seemingly lost self-confidence is capable enough to regain strength and make a comeback?
Let me tell you one thing... at such a time, no one can help you out. Even the almighty wouldn’t be able to reach out for you and get you out of that sorrow of feeling useless and living a worthless life. Those moments are made for you... they require you to stand up and fight back!
You can’t just go on and hope for someone to figure out the answer and feed it to you. You can’t just expect some angel to solve your troubles in just a click and leave you with a mind at peace. You need to fight, struggle and come out as a new being. You need to make the move and be strong.
You need to understand that what’s in your mind can be understood and fixed just by your mind... there’s no psychologist that can aid you. There’s no living being who can help you solve your issues. You need to fix them... NOW! It is good if you do that as soon as possible.
Get up! Fight back... and SOLVE your mental troubles until that awesome smile comes back naturally.  

If you came here expecting that there is going to be some interesting story in this post of mine, you are wrong. The title – How to Train Your Dragon is a movie released in 2010. If you came here expecting to read a review of the movie, you might get disappointed for this is not just the review. This post is about my learning from the movie – How to Train Your Dragon
I have been watching quite lot movies since a couple of days and since those are not the newly released ones, I didn’t feel like reviewing them on my other blog – Finix Post. But then, documenting your experience, learning and sharing are necessary.
The movie is about a teenager named Hiccup who lived in a hypothetical place named as Vikings. The tribe that dwelled in that place was in war with the dragons that used to steal their food and kill their people. All Vikings were known for their bravery and were adept at fighting dragons – except one who also happened to be the son of the chief.
Hiccup was often laughed at for his timid behaviour. People thought he was too weak to fight dragons and that made Hiccup restless and one day he shot a dragon. While none believed that he actually did it, he went on to find that dragon which should have been trapped in the net shot by him. But when he found the dragon and tried to kill him, he found that he just didn’t want to kill.
Soon, he became friends with the dragon and started training him... flying with him. This enhanced his knowledge about usual behaviour of dragons which was highly misinterpreted by the Vikings. Dragons were not the dangerous ones... they just longed for love and got scared and tried to defend themselves when they’re attacked.
Isn’t that how all animals are? Why that is some people manage to keep even the lions as pets and some are protesting to kill all stray dogs for they’re too dangerous? Whenever a stray dog bites a child, does anyone try to figure out why the child got bitten at the first place? Who was actually at fault?
People get hurt all the time. It is amazing that when a human hurts other human, you file a court case and then try to figure out who was at fault but when an animal hurts human, the animal becomes the culprit automatically. Isn’t that hypocritical?
Well, that’s who we are... We are all a hypocrite set of living things. If not, people not have been asking to kill all the strays just because they are “dangerous” to normal people and just because humans have that power.

Vikings had the power to kill dragons... but Hiccup was someone who realized what all went wrong and fixed all of it. I wish someone like that could use his magic wand on this world...

Movie Verdict: It is interesting and fun to watch. The screenplay is really good and you would love watching it. My Ratings: 4/5

Isn't the title confusing? Of course it is. But that is what happens to you when you're working from home. Work from home is always considered an awesome concept but those who really work from home understand what it is really like. Obviously, when it comes to talking about this in front of people who go for an office job, we prefer to boast and feel proud of what we do. The reality is somewhat different though.
You never know when you should wake up, when you should sleep, when you should eat and when you should work. Other things like going out, exercising, watching T.V. - all become a burden. When you work, you feel like chilling out and when you chill out, you feel like working. You don't care of completing work on time for well, you have the entire day to finish off the work.
This awesome feeling ends when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. Your cell phone starts showing that it is the new day and you're left wondering if you should consider it as a new day. You have to let yourself feel that as you are working from home and your clients reside in some other part of the world, they won't notice that you are late at submitting your work. And that's why you decide not to consider it as a new day until you complete your work and go for a 10 hour sleep (oh yes, we do sleep a lot but we never tell that to anyone).
Perks of working from home... you're your own boss. But with perks, there comes a lot of burden. You play with your work ethics, you play with your health and you play with the feelings of your loved ones. They think you're always busy. Why? Because either your work is seriously lagging behind or you're trying to work a little more to earn a few more bucks. Greed is what overpowers you all the time. You want to make yourself work on and on so that you can buy that new camera your favorite YouTuber just bought. And then you expect your loved ones to understand that. 
You don't care of your health and get fat. Then comes the time when you become too fat that the clothes which were loose don't fit you anymore. You start thinking of what went wrong. You think of including exercising in your daily schedule but then a yoga mat seems even costlier than the new DSLR you just bought. So, you never buy the yoga mat because of its "high price" and that acts as your excuse for not exercising.
When you need to go out for any meeting or just to work on something you planned before you actually took up this working from home, you feel sad. You complain and try to shirk off that work. It becomes too difficult to turn on the geyser and step into a hot stress relieving shower which you had always loved. Because that task would lead you to get ready and ultimately, step out of the house which you don't want.
Now, you tell me, does this work from home concept looks as good as it seemed to you before I told you about this? Have you tried the concept by yourself? What did you face? Did you face something like I am facing now? Is there anything that you can suggest to help me out? Let me know.

She was a cute chubby girl of fourteen who was perfect in her own imperfect way. But she lacked confidence. She cried when people laughed at her. She felt bad when people were rude to her. She thought it was her fault but then her life changed...
From a low profile school girl, she became one of the toughest competitors for the school head girl position. From a low in confidence, fat and ugly being, she became a popular and highly sought after girl in the school. She also got a handsome guy who truly loved her in her true form. And then she lived happily ever after...
Looks like it is story of a bollywood movie... predictable and incomplete. Right? Well, that’s what it is actually. I just watched Gippi Produced by Dharma Productions and it felt good to watch a movie after a long time. But my joy was for a short lived (like it always is). Reality set in.
I realized how much work I had that was pending. 5 articles and then never ending short description work... there was so much to do. And as soon as I clicked to turn on the WiFi, my happiness shattered like pieces of broken mirror. Estimated usage 479.72 MB. I am a miser but when it comes to the internet connection, I am worse. After I got the new connection by Airtel, this trait of mine has been a nightmare for me.
Last month, just five days after I got a new Airtel 4G connection, I got a message that my monthly usage limit of 15 GB has been reached and now I would get internet at a slower speed. I couldn’t believe it happened for I used the internet for just five days. I have used WiFi connection by BSNL, Connect, Docomo and even the Airtel Broadband but none of them turned out to be so horrible in my worse dreams.
After quite an argument with the customer care officials, I finally got my spend limit increased and got done with the first month with the Airtel 4G connection. I thought it would have been my fault for I watched a couple of video tutorials during those first five days and those possibly explained why I used up the monthly internet usage limit in merely five days.
On 19th Jan, the bill cycle for next month began. I was relieved for I finally stopped watching YouTube videos (One more reason behind my sad state of mind) but then just now... 479.72 MB in almost two days while all I was doing was opening 4-5 websites and writing articles. It is seriously crazy.
And that’s why living in this country sucks. I have been a great supporter of living in India but then the way things work here does make it hard for people... No company has clear policies over here. Even the very high quality foreign services like Uber don’t bother to put efforts on their quality in this country. Internet providers do whatever they feel like.
Oh! I was supposed to just complain of Airtel. How the whole country did get dragged in? But you tell, who is at fault? I live in Mohali which is a part of the Tricity but still, here are places where you cannot get an internet connection... if you can, that would be Airtel 4G which charges you like you’re a multi billionaire who has nothing else to do except for paying internet bills. And yeah! Even when you pay, you would experience speed less than that of 2G after 2 O’ clock in night.
And the amazing thing is... no one cares. I have this blog that works for free and that’s why I am writing about this here. Not everyone blogs. Not everyone has a blog where one can talk of anything they want. So, such issues never come to light. The way such companies fraud people and the way people like me are helpless for there is no other fast speed internet facility available in the area... this would stay like this in this country forever. Am I wrong?

Can you live without your phone for a day? Oops! It is too difficult to answer. Let me re frame it. Can you live without your phone for an hour? I know many of you would doubt if it is possible. Mobile Phones have become such an integral part of our lives. Though India is considered a poor country( yes, we can debate on that), but still you can see mobile phones everywhere – with the rickshaw pullers, with servants and even beggars.
Many health experts advise to keep a distance from the mobile phones. Seems like they have a lot of hatred in their hearts for the mobile phone but I don’t find anything wrong in befriending a mobile phone. Of course, when you’re with your friends, you should better work on relationships rather than editing pictures for posting on Instagram. But otherwise, mobile phone is a pretty useful tool that can be used to make our lives better. Don’t you think so?
Let’s come to the topic of this article – Last 10 pictures on the photo roll on my phone. Yep, I don’t find any reason why you would be so interested in my life but this post was like a challenge post for me and so, I am doing it.  I hope you don’t plan to kill me on the account of wasting your precious time. ;)
Warning: As I have been cooking (or maybe my best friend has been cooking) a lot since a few days, most of the pictures are of food. If you start drooling, it is not my problem

I just completed reading this book and this book is certainly amazing. A story of an investment banker set in Italy with a lot of conversations about wines and vineyards... this book is something I would certainly recommend to everyone who counts on me for book suggestions. About this picture, I parted from my standard red cushions which I use as background for my book photography :P Hope this one looks better.

Oh! So much of food. How good it feels when you get all of it for free! Bread Pakora, Pulao, Poha, chana masala and very tasty sooji ka halwa.  The picture does make you drool. Doesn’t it?

This is a picture I clicked because I forgot that there is a print screen feature available in all laptops. I find this cute owl so cute (I really need to work on my language and grammar).  I had wanted to share this on my Facebook wall but then I forgot.

Not every picture can be so good. If I am the photographer, you can expect some really bad clicks for I really suck at this art. I have been trying to improve but it doesn’t seem like I am going anywhere with this photography thing.

I cooked this delicious looking Omlette. This would have looked more delicious if I had sprinkled some Italian Herbs on it and I must not be sharing this for it is a part of my secret Omlette recipe.

Can you see that ‘M’ in the picture? Well, this is how self obsessed people click photographs of the food they click.

Can you see what this is? Comment below if you can see what’s in the picture. ;)

Why am I sharing this picture? Don’t I know how to count? Yes, but I wanted u to see those delicious pancakes I made O: )

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. 

Each one of us has something in our mind that we want to achieve. Some goals or dreams. We all have it but then there are only few of us who actually get successful in achieving those goals. Why? What makes them different than rest of the crowd? Did they do something special and out of the box? 
Well, there is one thing which they definitely do differently. They write down what they want. Writing down the goals is often underestimated by all of us. Come on! Don’t I know what I want? Yes, but if I really want it, I would write it on a piece of paper or make a note of it and keep reminding myself of the target. 
I am often condemned by my friends for opting the old school way. Well, I do work on my laptop almost all day long but when it comes to writing down my goals, I prefer pen and pencil. There is a diary which always stays with me where I pen down my goals and targets. It doesn’t matter which way you opt for writing down your goals but what matters is that you do write them.
Go write down your goals and stick them to a wall which you see the moment you wake up in the morning. The idea is to constantly remind your brain of your goal. Well, we never forget our dreams. True. But there are times when we feel low and don’t feel like working. At such times, those goals written on a piece of paper would come for your rescue. Make sure that you always keep them in front of your eyes.

It is Day 2 of my challenge of blogging regularly. Yep, I skipped Sunday but that was planned even before I started off with this challenge. And as this is Day 2, I had wanted to share these two most important things which every person should know of. I hope you keep them in your mind and make use of them. 

Only time when this blog got more hits than I ever expected was when I took up the 31 Day Blogging Challenge and let me tell you right now, that it was a big fail. I couldn't even last for 10 days. Well, that explains how consistent I can be but yeah! it is time for me to test myself and that's why I have planned something for myself in my own way. 
What's the purpose? 
To discipline myself. During school, I was disciplined but then college turned me into a spoiled brat who needs to learn the lesson of self - discipline. And who can be the best teacher than my own self? 
So, I thought of taking up this initiative to discipline myself. 
How would I do that?
By taking up this challenge of blogging regularly. You know, I run two blogs and what I have decided is to post regularly on both of these blogs without any break. Yes, that means a new post every day on this blog as well as on Finix Post 
There is one more reason behind that... Today I wrote about importance of decluttering to reduce stress where I talked of how we can tackle stress only by making our surroundings and mind clean. While writing that post, I realized how messed up my laptop is. Especially, my evernote notes. In fact, there is one note where I have more than 200 blogging prompts waiting for me. And I think it is time for me to clear up and declutter my notes and laptop. 
So, this is one of the strongest and most selfish reason behind this decision.
And I promise this time I would pay a great attention to the quality and also complete the challenge.
I hope you enjoy it!